3 simple benefits of Black rice.

Forbidden Rice as it once was in China where Royal family kept it reserved for themselves only as they thought that it would increase their lifetime. They were not completely wrong it is a great anti aging agent and also helps in fighting against cancer, cholesterol and diabetes.

Three simple reasons for eating Black rice (Chak-Hao, Manipur).

Highest amount Anti oxidants:-It is packed with antioxidants, has highest amount of anti oxidant than any other food, higher than berries as well. In fact it gets its color because of high amount of Anthocyanin. Well I guess you know what it means. It means it is a great anti anging agent. It is good for heart and brain. It prevents cancer, cholesterol and improves immunity.

Prevents Diabesity:- Firstly it has high amounts of fiber, secondly it is a rich source of minerals and most importantly it contains huge amounts of Antocyanin. All these when combined results in regulating the blood sugar levels, thus helps in fighting diabetes and improves digestion, thus fighting obesity.

Good For heart:- Anthocyanin Helps in maintaining healthy level of cholesterol. Studies suggest that regular eating of Black rice prevents plaquing of arteries caused because of smoking or underlying health problems such as BP or cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart stroke.

Gluten Free, I guess that is given.


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