11 Detoxifying foods

Garlic :- Packed with Sulphur, antimicrobial properties and host of anti-oxidants Garlic is one of the best detoxifying agent. Sulphur helps in removing the toxins, the anti microbial properties helps in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay and the anti oxidants protects lever form free radical damage. It not only protects from cancer and diabetes... Continue Reading →


3 simple benefits of Black rice.

Royals kept it for themselves as it was believed to increase their lifetime.

Benefits of Ragi

Finger millet is a power house and super crop which travelled from Ethiopia to India around 4000 years ago and then spread to places far and wide in India, Primarily Arid and semi arid regions like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. We put this crop in health benefits infinite and here are the reasons:- Helps... Continue Reading →

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